Adobe Photoshop Album Starter


Create photo albums in PDF or Web format




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Even though the main feature of Adobe Photoshop Album Starter is the ability to create complete, option-filled photo albums, it is still a fairly complete photo management application.

The program includes quite a few options to work with, among them are:

Locate any image on your PC.

Correct defects in color, brightness, contrast and red-eye on all your photos.

Extract images from external devices such as digital cameras.

Organize your files in seconds.

Create calendars onto which you can import images for every day of the month.

Share the files via e-mail or send them to a mobile phone.

Create albums to view them from within the same program, print them, or export them to CD video, web format, or PDF.

All of this and much more in a very complete application with which you can get the most out of your photos.

Completely functional trial version limited to a maximum of 250 objects.

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